Esser Design – Website Maintenance Report

Pueblo Mechanical

We’ve been taking care of things behind the scenes. Here’s a recap of what’s happening:



Before making any updates, we always make a backup of your site. When updates are finished, we test them to make sure they were applied correctly and didn’t cause any conflicts.


Updates to WordPress core that require an upgrade to the newest version.

Themes / Plugins

Updates that WordPress makes that requires an upgrade to the newest version.

1 Update Completed

Current Version: 6.0.0

3 Updates Completed

Disable Comments – Version: 2.3.6 Yoast SEO – Version: 19.1 WP Google Maps Pro – Version: 8.1.20

See "Themes & Plugins" section below for more information.



Up / Downtime

Planned & unplanned time – from server issues to scheduled maintenance.

Average Response Time

How long it takes for your server to respond and start loading your site.

Total Downtime:

00 hrs
00 min
00 sec
99.9% Up
Industry Standard
100% Up

240 ms

(0.2 seconds)
Industry Standard: 2 seconds


Themes / Plugins

Date Action Name Details
06/27/2022 Plugin Updated Disable Comments Version: 2.3.6
06/27/2022 Plugin Updated Yoast SEO Version: 19.1
06/27/2022 Plugin Updated WP Google Maps Pro Version: 8.1.20


Warning: Server downtime was recorded: 2022-06-14 01:02:22 Duration 8m