We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Esser Design for the development of the three year Phoenix Water Services’ “Water Conservation” campaign. Esser listens to our thoughts and goals and works closely with us to execute stunning and impactful water awareness messaging for the City of Phoenix. Stephanie Bracken / Public Information Manager / City of Phoenix / Water Services

Process Overview

We worked closely with the client’s public information team to obtain all of the background information about this important initiative, current and potential future challenges, and desired goals. Key messaging and creative strategies were crucial to successfully executing an awareness campaign of this size that is positive, yet factual. Following extensive media research, planning and budgeting, a robust media plan was developed to disseminate the campaign creative to city residents throughout the entire metro Phoenix Water Department service area.

Project Outcome

In Year One, we developed an inspirational campaign creative and messaging foundation, and deployed it widely and successfully through a multi-platform media plan. Year Two began with the expansion of the campaign theme and messaging strategy to promote specific water conservation ideas to empower residents to join in. Additionally, we continue to research innovative media opportunities to engage new audiences and expand market awareness.