The first Eastmark AwesomeFest was intended to roll out with a teaser campaign that piqued the interest of the East Valley community. We worked with Esser Design to create a mysterious and compelling campaign that caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. The teaser and event campaign was an overwhelming success, measured by attendance of over 6,000 people, an increase in home sales, as well as a complete brand match – actually elevating Eastmark’s image, personality and potential. Garilyn Bourgeois / Director of Marketing Eastmark

Project Objective

Eastmark is a large-scale housing community developed by DMB, located in east Mesa. The Eastmark AwesomeFest was conceived by Eastmark staff for the residents, surrounding community members and the general public to be a “celebration of all things awesome” with entertainment that centers around innovation, imagination, wowmoments and fun. The inaugural event needed an identity as well as a full suite of marketing materials to publicize and advertise the event across the East Valley. The goal of the marketing campaign was to encourage audiences to attend this one-night-only, exciting event. The ultimate goal of AwesomeFest each year is to showcase what life is like at Eastmark and inspire more home purchases.

Process Overview

In the eight months leading up to the inaugural event, we worked with the Eastmark marketing team to create a brand and campaign worthy of this exciting event. It was important that we capture the uniqueness of AwesomeFest and marketing the Eastmark lifestyle. We created a comprehensive branding program complete with a logo, colors, fonts, messaging and branded look and feel. This branding program was applied to a large volume of marketing materials including posters, flyers, website landing pages, email blasts, social media graphics, promotional videos, print advertising, digital banner ads, billboards, a newspaper polybag, t-shirts, an event program/map, banners, and structural, sponsor and wayfinding signage. Weekly status calls as well as a rolling, comprehensive schedule kept this large-volume project on track.

Project Outcome

The inaugural event, held in April 2015, was an overwhelming success. Attendance levels doubled projections and social media engagement was astoundingly positive. The overall experience at the event exceeded expectations and validated the success of the branding and marketing campaign. We have since created new marketing campaigns for both the 2016 and 2017 events and look forward to even bigger and more exciting events.

Marketing materials promoting DMB Eastmark’s 2015 AwesomeFest

Marketing materials promoting DMB Eastmark’s 2015 AwesomeFest