As the Arizona Theatre Company continues to adjust the way their season will go on, we’re looking for ways in which we can help this culturally-rich organization move forward. Earlier this year, we designed the show art for all six plays that were to be produced and performed during their 2020/21 Season. We encourage you to remain supportive of this beacon of art in our community by buying tickets to future productions or considering a philanthropic gift.

Although the 2019/20 Season was cut short, the curtain will rise again as several of the plays that were not able to be performed will return in future seasons. We are very fortunate to have such a highly-regarded State theatre, whose reach is far beyond the metropolitan areas of Tucson and Phoenix.


Creating show art for established productions is always a challenge but working with world-renowned illustrators, like Gary Taxali, helps. His stylized retro illustrations were the perfect fit for the well-known play, ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’

Each season, we work closely with the ATC Artistic Director to design and develop the show art series. From season brochures and show posters to print and digital ads, ultimately, this creative is used throughout the season in a variety of media formats.