Industry figures report for Arizona Office of Tourism

A State of Destination

The Arizona Office of Tourism was making a big announcement. To help tell that story, we created an annual report brochure featuring captivating images of the Arizona landscape. The piece boasted Arizona’s latest travel and tourism statistics to the state’s audiences. The title “A State of Destination” pays tribute to the overall success of the state’s tourism industry while a series of icons, infographics and charts communicates the economic growth in an easy and practical way.

A mobile-friendly version of the Report was also created. This allowed the state to easily inform industry constituents of their department’s results each quarter. AOT has the ability to update the data as needed. The graphics update automatically and are animated to engage the reader and enhance the user experience.

In addition to delivering metrics and results content, the digital application offers an archive for past reports. There is also the ability to share the report by email and sign up for future reports. A print styling feature is included, along with links to AOT’s social media accounts.